If Dirty and Dingy Carpets Are Aging Your Home

If Dirty and Dingy Carpets Are Aging Your Home

Reach out to us for carpet cleaning and deodorizing services in Montgomery, Wetumpka, AL and surrounding areas

If you have pet hair covering your floors, tough stains you can't get out or disturbing odors coming from your carpets, we're here to help. Look to Reynolds Carpet Care for residential or commercial carpet cleaning services in Montgomery, Wetumpka, AL, and the surrounding area. We provide free estimates for residential clients based on how many rooms they need cleaned and for commercial clients based upon square footage.

You can also count on us to clean your area rugs. Call 334-279-8046 today to arrange for carpet deodorizing and cleaning services.

How does it work?

Once we arrive at your property, we'll prespray your floors before performing hot water extraction. We have a truck-mounted cleaning system that:

  • Reaches between 250 and 300 degrees
  • Is more powerful than portable machines
  • Can help to remove tough dirt and stains

Reach out to us now to learn more about our carpet deodorizing and carpet cleaning services.

Professional carpet cleaning is important for many reasons.

  • it extends the life of your carpet
  • eliminates carpet stains
  • contributes to a healthier environment to remove dust and allergens
  • complete removal of dirt and bacteria
  • enhances overall appearance of the room.